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Reflect on your experience: How would you describe your first steps? What were the technical issues, if any? What did you feel about the avatar you chose? What was orientation island like? Could you find help as needed? Where did you go? Did you speak to other avatars? What would improve the experience, if anything? What previous knowledge and skills helped you?
My first steps where of discovery and wary. I felt like on those video games where to get to the goal you're suppose to overcome some pitfalls, to figure out the correct button combination and to discover hidden prizes, ammunitions and goodies. 
I must admit that my first steps where some of boredom (please don't get me wrong here). One has really big expectations towards SL (and all that 3D virtual paraphernalia), but after a few minutes in the (promised) land you don't find much to do other than wander around with not a clear purpose.
About my avatar, even though I didn't really chose it because, in my rush to c…