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MUVE 4. Reflections

As another of the activities of the MUVEnation course one, as a group, was supposed to create a travel guide for some places of common interest in Second Life. Then some reflections on the collaboration process were due.
Some helping questions where:
Was it easy to define objectives and criteria?How did you distribute the work? How did you feel about your own particpation? How did you feel about other participation? Where there any problems, or misunderstandings?Here are my reflections:

"Collaboration is not easy. We often merely cooperate, distributing sections of a task rather than working together on the whole". Taken from the activity's overview.

And we were no exception. Even though I'm happy with the results in our group, by far the most participative, I guess we stuck to the "distributing" approach rather than really collaborating. One of the reason might be the lack of "know how". In fact chances are that in "building" the travel gui…