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CCK11- Quest for Meaning

We keep on looking for meaning on the question "learning is in the connexions" and found this excellent video on the networked student. Little by little we are coming to terms with the idea that learning (more than knowledge) is in the connexions.

CCK11 - Great Learning Happens in Groups

The first week of CCK11 is almost over, and this week we were given a series of  readings (in the web) and videos and a couple of live presentations in Elluminate (1st and 2nd).  The course is devised and  set up so as to demonstrate that knowledge is in the connexions (a vivid demonstration of the theory).
I must confess, I'm a little confuse. I am illiterate in any learning theory, but, as of this week I sort of intuit that there may be many different ways of learning and hence maybe some theories explain better some ways of learning (i.e., by heart/memorizing <=> behaviorism) and others, others (constructivsm <=> social learning). Also, I also intuit (an elusive idea) that there may be learning in the connexions (network), just the same as in our brain the neural cells connect to wire knowledge, but yet I don't get to understand it. I don't see the light. Maybe if somebody could provide of a simple example where learning is connectivness. In any case, there&#…

Connectivism and Connected Knowledge - CCK11

This week, I started a free course on Connectivism and Connected Knowledge (#CCK11). On week 1 we work on the definition of Connectivism (what is). In some few words, "connectivism is the thesis that knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks" [1]. It is a strange thought since it's easy to believe that knowledge is distributed but not so easy to understand how learning occurs when you construct and traverse the network. Learning being an intimate and internal "affair" happening when out of the chaos one gets some pattern or out of meaningless one sees meaning. Is Connectivism a new way of learning?. Hope soon I will be able to "see" and to answer.
Also, I'm a little overwhelmed by the number and diversity of my colleague students enrolled in the course.
Finally, I'm excited by the possibility to learn, to network and to see the world from…