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Susan Boyle

Que tremenda fuente de inspiración para todos, esta extraordinaria mujer de West Lothian, Reino Unido, de 47 años, desempleada, no muy agraciada físicamente, con problemas de aprendizaje pero que cuando canta I dreamed a dream de Les Miserables en el show Britain's Got Talent, es capaz de hacer que se nos salten las lágrimas.

Ella nos recuerda que todo es posible, que el cielo es el límite y que todos tenemos algo valioso que dar.
Gracias Susan Boyle.


MUVE 5. Ideas for a successful practice in virtual worlds

As part of the MUVE's course, we had to do a brief research regarding active and other learning approaches in Virtual Worlds. I chose Symposia as my subject and one of the suggestion was to interview one "practitioner", someone with experience in the subject looking for valuable insights. I guess I was lucky to find one not only with the knowledge but also with the enthusiasm and willingness to share.I interviewed prof. Virginia (Vee) Kuhn organizer of Computer & Writing 2009: ubiquous and sustainable computing I've posed her 4 questions. In my opinion, she gives valuable insight and ideas about virtual Symposia. The interview went as follows: 1. What were the main difficulties you had with the organization of the event?I think one of the main challenges lies in timing a synchronous event that takes place in geographically distant places--the change in time presents a challenge for scheduling both the event itself as well as the individual presenters.2. What w…